KeyKeg - 20 L

KeyKeg 20 liters, 5 Gal PET Keg


Product Must Be Ordered in Full Pallets - 80 per Pallet

The KeyKeg System

Makers of beer, wine, cider and many other beverages are successfully making the switch to KeyKegs, and with a conscious eye to the future. As market leader, KeyKeg is years ahead of the competition. The powerful combination of groundbreaking R&D and efficient production of our lightweight PET kegs guarantees top quality for the beverages that go into them. The advanced design also offers customers tremendous opportunities to break into and serve new markets, complete with a company’s own branding. In short, the KeyKeg system benefits everyone in the chain: manufacturers, distributors, bars and restaurants, and consumers.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • Two innovative technologies: Bag-in-Ball™ technology and Double-Wall™ technology
  • Extended shelf life
  • Fits all dispensing systems
  • Lightweight, for efficient transport and storage
  • Compact design guarantees 25 to 30% greater capacity use
  • Lightweight makes it easy for everyone to handle
  • No more complex and costly return trips
  • Long shelf life, even after broaching
  • Can be dispensed almost till the last drop
  • Can be printed with your own branding
  • Quickly opens up access to new markets for sales and export
  • Cost savings and more opportunities for profit
  • Recyclable
  • Sustainable
  • Can be dispensed with compressed air 2017-10

Filling Instructions.PDF
Handling and Transport Instructions.PDF
Tech Specs Flyer.PDF

2-High Stack Pallet40
3-High Stack Pallet60
Hazardous MaterialFalse
Height22.44 in
Max Diameter9.44 in
Product CategoryKegs
Shipping Weight3
Shipping Weight UnitLBS
Single Row Pallet20
Volume (2bar / 29 PSI)20 Liters