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'Logging into your webstore account' video
Upon entering in your username (the email associated with your account) enter your password and click “Sign In”.

'Looking at your My Account page' video
Profile information is readily available, as well as aging reports on finanicial standing. Shipping addresses can be viewed by selecting the ‘Addresses’ tab, and users with Account Owner status can edit/add addresses in this tab. Hop contracts and previous orders can also vbe viewed by selecting their given tab.

'Viewing your order status' video
On the ‘My Account’ page, the ‘Order’ tab will open up the history of all online orders, detailing the order number, date, status, total, and the account that placed the order. By clicking on the order number hyperlink, the order details can be viewed.

'Adding product to your cart' video
On the product search page, the product price will be visible. From this page it is also possible to add product to the cart. By using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons, the quantity can be adjusted. Clicking the ‘Add to cart’ button will put the specified quantity into the cart, which can be viewed in the top right corner of the page.

'Using Product Filters' video
Product searches can be narrowed down by enabling filters specific to the category, such as brand, availability, product type, and more.

'Navigating a Product Page' video
By navigating to a product page, the option to add a given quantity of that product to your cart will be possible. For malts, the option to mill the product will be available in various grades, and in the future, added Tote functionality will be featured here. Pricing will be visible if the customer is logged in, and availability will be shown according to their geography’s wawarehouse, with the exception of Spot Hops.

'Adding milled products to your' cart video
Upon entering the Cart, the option of adding or adjusting milling on eligible products will be visible under the item. A few things to note: the number of milled items cannot exceed the total number of the product on the line item; different grades of milling can be applied to the same malt; removing the product from the cart will remove the milling associated with it as well.

'Selecting your order's Shipping Info' video
Before submitting the order, the shipping address must be confirmed, or ‘Pick up from Warehouse’ must be selected.

For specific delivery options, such as ‘AM DELIVERY’, these can be selected under the ‘Deliver options’ table, which will list the price of the option (if any) along side the request.

Ship date is selectable, with the earliest possible ship date being set as the default value. Below that is a field for a customer Purchase Order Number, next to the ‘Bill to’ address.

At the bottom of the page, a field for ‘Special Instructions’ will allow for any specific details to be communicated in regards to their shipment.

'How to order Spot Hops' video / 'How to order Contract Hops' video
Hop ordering comes in two varieties: Spot and Contract. For Spot hops, availability is shown across all geographies in both 11 LB and 44 LB package varieties based on crop year (as well as the corresponding price per unit). When ordering, Contract hops for the given variety and year will be deducted first (if a contract exists) before moving on to Spot.

If have additional questions or concerns not covered by our FAQ section, please contact your Customer Service Reprentative for additional assistance.