Red Wheat Malt - 55 LBS

Canada Malting Red Wheat malt - 55 lb / 25 kg Bag

  • Made with local Malting grade, Hard Red Spring wheat.
  • Great for adding head retention, and mouth feel to most beer styles.
  • Lower colour than our White Wheat Malt means this malt is perfect for low-colour beers.
  • Excellent for European Wheat Beers and North American Hazy IPA’s

Our premium Red Wheat Malt is malted from locally grown malting grade spring-sown red wheat, one of Canada’s most significant cereal crops. We take the best of this crop from Alberta growers. Containing slightly more protein than white wheat, and gently modified to maintain high-molecular-weight proteins, this product adds even more body to wort than our White Wheat Malt.

  • This malt produces excellent head retention & turbidity due to the higher protein level
  • This malt adds a light malt flavour and bready palete smoothness to any beer. At higher inclusion rates it will yield a rich mouthfeel and palete fullness.

Suggested Use:
  • Use at 30-60% for wheat style beers and Hazy IPA’s
  • When used at 5-10% of the total grist, this malt aids with head retention and fullness of mouthfeel for all beer styles
  • As this malt has no husk, take care not to overmill malt at higher inclusion levels, and use a slow, gentle lautering
BrandCanada Malting Co.
Color °L2.5 – 3.5
Extract FG Min CD dry min81
Hazardous MaterialFalse
Malt TypeWheat
Moisture Max %4.5
Price aggregation groupMalts
Product CategorySpecialty
Protein Max13.0
Shipping Weight55
Shipping Weight UnitLBS
Size55 lb