American Honey - 50 LB

Briess Malting AMERICAN HONEY MALT - 50 lb Bag


American Honey Malt is a modern take on a traditional European-style Brumalt. To craft American Honey Malt, we start with the highest quality American-grown barley, then tailor our typical steep and germination process to produce highly-modified green malt — rich with the precursors needed to create melanoidin-style malt flavors. A series of proprietary processes are used to finish the malt and create a product rich with simple sugars and Maillard reaction compounds, leading to one of our most uniquely complex malt flavors.

BrandBriess Malting
Color °L25
Extract FG Min CD dry min82.0
FlavorsHoney, toffee, & biscuit
Hazardous MaterialFalse
Malt TypeMelanoidin
Moisture Max %4.5
Price aggregation groupMalts
Product CategoryKilned
Shipping Weight50
Shipping Weight UnitLBS
Size50 lb