Malt 2.0 - 55 LB

Bairds Malt 2.0 - 55 lb/25 kg bag


Our Malt 2.0 is a new product to the market.

At the heart of our Malt 2.0 is KWS Sassy which is a big, bold barley variety, particularly well suited to the variable conditions of growing in the Scottish climate and providing a consistently higher yield to the grower.

Born out of our ongoing research through our early evaluation programme, Sassy represents Bairds ongoing commitment to provide a sustainable barley supply to support our malting expansions in the United Kingdom. Our early evaluation programme also helps to ensure that new barley varieties are providing benefit to all elements of the supply chain, from the grower through to the end customer.

Malt 2.0 is a celebration of our next chapter, bringing together new barley varieties into our expanding UK malting capacity meeting the demand for quality UK malt from across the globe.

BrandBairds Malt - UK
Color ASBC1.5 - 2.0
Diastatic Power65
Extract FG Min CD dry min83.0
FlavorsClean and crisp wort character
Hazardous MaterialFalse
Malt TypeDistilling
Moisture Max %4.5
Price aggregation groupMalts
Product CategoryBase
Protein Max9.7
Shipping Weight55
Shipping Weight UnitLBS
Size55 lb